Life at Northminster

  • Congratulations To..

    Congratulations to Kris Larrabee, who is the new Sunday School Director!   Kris has been at Northminster for several years now and is well-loved by the Northminster Congregation for her generosity, kindness, and Christian fellowship.  Go Kris!!!.   Read More

  • On the Music Front

    Our beloved audiosicians, Derek and Kate, are heading off for otherwordly adventures.  We wish them well!   And of course that leave openings for a band and/or musicians to start playing in September at NPC!!!   Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!  Just like the old days..   Read More

  • Its VBS Time at Northminster!

    With much anticipation, VBS is almost here at Northminster! This year's theme, "Cave Quest", promises to be an exciting and educational opportunity for all kids, including a great opportunity to make new friends. Come and join us!   Read More

  • 2016 Easter Offering

    Can you believe it's almost Easter?! This is one of my favorite times of year because it means we're getting closer to summer (my favorite season!). It also mean Lent is coming to an end--and I'll be able to start eating chips again (which I had given up for Lent)! And, of course, it means that we remember and rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus!   Read More

  • Christmas Eve Services at Northminster

    Christmas is coming!  Time is running out on all of our Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and Christmas baking.  But with all that stuff you have to do, I hope you'll take some time on Christmas Eve (Wednesday, December 24) to worship the God who became a human being 2000 years ago.   Read More

  • 2015 Christmas Offering

    This is such a great time of year!  Holiday parties, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, and the spirit of generosity that seems to swell up in our society.   Read More

  • Northminster VBS 2015

    ***VBS 2015 is FULL!!!!***It's time for Everest VBS at Northminster and we have hit max capacity!If you have already registered, we can't wait to see you on Monday morning.   Read More

  • Northminster Spends a Day in Service to the Community with Service Sunday!

    On Sunday, June 14, about 45 volunteers from the church and the surrounding neighborhood, spent the better part of the day cleaning up the alleyway between Cole and Dubois Streets.
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  • Northminster VBS 2015

    This VBS promises to be mountains of fun! Plus, kids walk away with a rock-solid faith that they can rely on God when life gets tough.   Read More

  • Alley Service Sunday is Almost Here!

    Service Day Sunday is almost here!!! Save the day, Sunday June 14th, 10:00 AM!   Read More

  • What a great great garden tour it was!

    Garden Tour Success! Our very own Northminster Community Garden was honored to be part of the annual Clairemont Garden Tour on Saturday, May 2, 2015!   Read More

  • We Made the Tour, Garden-Style!

    When the Garden was lauched just a few short years ago, who could have figured it would be such a success?  With nearly 50 plots and a waiting list too, the NPC Community Garden has brought forth a rich mix of community and cbhurch members - working together side-by-side, sharing the fruits of their labors and the Lord.For 2015, we've been selected to participate in the community garden tour of Clairemont.  That's right!  Our little NPC Garden will be front and center part of the garden tour this year.Gardeners are busy sprucing up their plots, and the garden in general is looking mighty good!  Go get 'em!.
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  • What’s Pastor Markus Gonna Do While He’s on Sabbatical?

    “What’s Markus going to do while on sabbatical?” The answer to that question can be boiled down to three R’s:  Rest, Reflection, and Robin.   Read More

  • What’s Church Gonna Be Like While Markus is on Sabbatical?

    I’ll be going on sabbatical starting April 20 and I’ll be back on July 20.  I know…  That sounds like a long time!  Especially for a church with only one pastor.  Which raises the question, who’s gonna do all the stuff that Markus does during those three months?   Read More

  • The Easter Offering!

    Can I just say I love this time of year?! As they say, "Spring is in the air!"  The days are longer.  It's getting warmer.  You can feel summer just around the corner. And as followers of Jesus, springtime means resurrection time!   Read More

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