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  • How Did Session Arrive at the Decision to Approve a Sabbatical?

    As most of you know by now, I’ll be taking a sabbatical from April 20-July 19.  Northminster has been around since the 1950’s, but this will be the first sabbatical ever taken by a pastor of this church. Which begs the question, why did Northminster’s Session (board of elders) implement a sabbatical policy in 2014 and why did they unanimously approve a sabbatical for me in 2015?   Read More

  • Is a Pastor's Sabbatical Really Good for the Church?

    A few Sundays ago, someone came up to me before the service started and said, “Hey, Markus, I’m really glad you’re going to be taking a sabbatical.  I think it’s gonna be really good for you.  I think you said something about it being good for the church, too.  But I don’t think it’ll be good for us because we’re gonna miss having you here!!”   Read More

  • What's Our Policy on Sabbaticals?

    Hi, everyone!I thought I’d share with you exactly what our sabbatical policy is here at Northminster, as well as San Diego Presbytery’s policy.   Read More

  • What Does the Bible Say About Sabbaticals?

    Go.  Go.  Go. Do.  Do.  Do. Produce.  Produce.  Produce. This is the mantra of the society we live in.  Our culture tells us every day that the only kind of person of any real value is a person who produces something of value.  We talk, for instance, about helping the disabled or the homeless or even our children to become “productive members of society.”   Read More

  • What's a Sabbatical?

    Some of you may have heard rumors that I’m going to be taking a sabbatical this year. Well, let me set the record straight—the rumors are true.   Read More

  • The Great Adventure!

    What's next for Northminster in 2015? No one really knows, but we do know this. God is calling us into the glorious unknown. God is calling us to join him in the Great Adventure!   Read More

  • It's Not Too Late to give to the Christmas Offering

    If you missed the Christmas Offering on December 21, not to worry!  It's not too late to join with others and give to support our kids and community.  The goal of the Christmas Offering is to fund these three projects.   Read More

  • Interfaith Shelter Network Signups January 4 through February 1, 2015!

    Join Northminster in helping the homeless!  Signups to help out with this year’s Interfaith Shelter Network Rotation will begin Sunday, January 4, 2015 after the worship service.   Read More

  • Christmas Eve Services at Northminster

    Christmas is coming!  We will have two services—one designed with kids in mind and one that’s a little more oriented toward grown-ups (though kids are certainly welcome!).   Read More

  • Northminster Christmas Offering

    I love this time of year.  Holiday parties, Christmas trees, hot chocolate and the spirit of generosity that seems to well up in our society.   Read More

  • Northminster Preschool's Wild Wild West Carnival

    Northminster Preschool's Wild Wild West CarnivalOn Saturday, November 8th from 10am-2pm, the Northminster Preschool will host a carnival, complete with pony rides, face painting, bounce house, obstacle course, good food, games and prizes! Not to mention raffles, a silent auction, and bake sale!! What? It's going to be fantastic and fun for the entire family! Invite your friends and family!.   Read More

  • It's a wrap! Vacation Bible School 2014

    We just wrapped up an amazing week of "Weird Animals" Vacation Bible School here at Northminster!  Check out the pics.   Read More

  • The Community Garden Expansion is Almost Ready!

    On Saturday, July 12, we had somewhere in the range of 20-30 people (maybe more, depending on what time of day you were counting!) working super hard to fill the garden beds in the new Community Garden expansion at Northminster.   Read More

  • Our Garden is Expanding!

    The Northminster Community Garden, begun only two short years ago with 22 beds, is about to double in size.  By mid-June, it is anticipated that many of these additional 21 beds will be built, leveled, equipped with irrigation systems and filled with soil such that some of our new gardeners can already begin planting.   Read More

  • New service time, 10am, starting June 1

    Real simple announcement: Starting June 1, 2014, our worship service will begin at 10:00 a.m.How's that for a short post?   Read More

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