Can you believe its August already?

What an exciting time at Northminster its been recently! 

First lets take a moment to thank Mark and Laura Schroeder for all of their hard work and dedication to helping NPC...  The Schroeder's are in the process of moving to Arizona, and we wish them well.

Laura writes: 
Thank you to all our VBS volunteers for giving of your time last week. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, blanket and gift cards. Thank you congregation for contributions and in kind donations. Mark and I wish the very best for Northminster.

We wish you 2 all the best!

Don't forget that this Sunday, August 7th (can you believe the summer is flying by so fast?  :)  is Communion Sunday, and we have a very special guest musician!  Rev. Fairlight Lower will be joining us as a guest musician, while Rev. Greg Horn will be preaching!   Please help Rev. Lower feel at home while visiting NPC and lets show her what a friendly and diverse church we are!

We do have some prayer requests.  Rev. Horn writes:

Karen Scott’s sister, Wendy:  Prayers of thanks for the results of her tumor treatments that show the tumors are Gone!

Elly Doyle, Veronica’s mother who fell recently, but is otherwise doing well.

Durward Dunn: recovering from surgery on his clavicle (broken in a fall during a bicycle ride)

The family of SDPD Officer DeGuzman, killed in the line of duty 

God’s blessings rain down upon those who pray consistently for the concerns of the church!


Last but not least, next Tuesday is NPCs monthly Session meeting.  Members of the congregation who would like to share their input, ideas, or even concerns are welcome to join in!   We meet at 6:30 in the Fireside room..

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