2016 Easter Offering

Can you believe it's almost Easter?!  This is one of my favorite times of year because it means we're getting closer to summer (my favorite season!).  It also mean Lent is coming to an end--and I'll be able to start eating chips again (which I had given up for Lent)!  And, of course, it means that we remember and rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus!

God is a giver--"He gave his one and only Son."  Jesus is a giver--he gave us his life.  And we are invited to be giver's together with God. 

So, this Easter, we'll be receiving our second annual Easter Offering.  Like the Christmas Offering, this is an opportunity to bless our community, our church, and the world.  Here's what you need to know.

The goal for this year's Easter Offering is $4000.  And here's what the Easter Offering will go toward:

  • Objective 1: Need-based scholarships for Northminster ministries such as the annual Mexico mission trip and Vacation Bible School.  We want to keep blessing our world, but sometimes it costs money to participate.  50% of the Easter Offering will go toward scholarships for those who can’t cover the full cost of ministries like the Mexico mission trip in May and Vacation Bible School in July.
  • Objective 2: Fund an “Obstacles and Opportunities Fund” for our church—so that when obstacles and/or opportunities arise, we’ll have the funds to respond appropriately.  25% of the Easter Offering will go toward this objective.
  • Objective 3: Support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  25% of the Easter Offering will be given to the PCUSA’s One Great Hour of Sharing offering which provides help to people who lack access to food, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity.

On Easter Sunday, March 27, we will receive the Easter Offering during the worship service.  We'll be providing special envelopes and encouraging everyone to come prepared to give on that day.

Please pray about participating in the Easter Offering.  This is a wonderful way to join Jesus in bringing and giving hope to a world in need!

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