The Easter Offering!

Can I just say I love this time of year?!

As they say, "Spring is in the air!"  The days are longer.  It's getting warmer.  You can feel summer just around the corner.

And as followers of Jesus, springtime means resurrection time!

This Easter, we'll not only celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday (April 5), but we're also going to follow Jesus's example of being a bringer and a giver.

Jesus brought himself and he gave his life.

We're inviting everyone connected to Northminster to participate in our first annual Easter Offering.  Just as Jesus was a bringer and a giver, we're asking that all of us would bring both a guest and gift on Easter, and then give that gift in Easter Offering.

Our goal for the Easter Offering is to raise $5000 and it is intended to do two things: 

  1. To fully fund the "Come Build Hope" Mexico Mission Trip for up to twelve participants.  Northminster has been taking a team to Mexico on Memorial Day weekend since 2008.  And it has been a wonderful way of bring some healing and wholeness to a family living in poverty each year.
  2. To build up an "Obstacles and Opportunities Fund."  The first $5000 we raise will go toward the Mexico Mission Trip.  Anything over and above $5000 will go into an "Obstacles and Opportunities Fund."  Sometimes we run into obstacles or find ourselves with new opportunities.  And sometimes those obstacles and opportunities require some funding.  Wouldn't it be great to know we had some money available to respond to any obstacles or opportunities that come our way?

On Easter Sunday, April 5, we will receive the Easter Offering during the worship service.  We'll be providing special envelopes and encouraging everyone to come prepared to give on that day.

Please pray about participating in the Easter Offering.  This is a wonderful way to join Jesus in bringing and giving hope to a hurting world!

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