What a great great garden tour it was!

Our very own Northminster Community Garden was honored to be part of the annual Clairemont Garden Tour on Saturday, May 2, 2015. From 10AM – 4 PM our garden hosted a steady stream of garden enthusiasts, most of who expressed enthusiastic praise for turning a mostly unused patch of land into a flourishing, productive garden.  Our gardeners took turns giving mini-tours, answering questions, and just generally chatting about the successes and challenges of creating and sustaining our garden.  Throughout the day we must have had 100 or more visitors, but that is just a ballpark guess because it was a steady stream all day long. There may have been even more!

Leading up to the tour date our gardeners were on fire, putting much sweat and muscle into getting the garden into tip-top shape.  Right before the tour we had several work parties that drew gardeners and church member alike. Some tasks included: pulling weeds, digging holes for new grape vines, chopping up greens for compost, even helping Sarah paint parts of the colorful column murals.   Our garden never looked better.  The proof?  Our visitors voted our garden “Best Edible Garden” on the tour. 

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