New Beginnings: the future is wide open

The New Beginnings house groups completed their meetings at the end of October.  A big Thank You for the generous and thoughtful participation!  In November, the New Beginnings Leadership Team began processing the wealth of information, results, notes, opinions, and many constructive ideas.  The process remains ongoing, but today lets share the details of this journey so far.

The inputs from the house groups had much in common.   They included many suggestions such as:  improving communication, better organization, greater participation, and removing hurdles to action. Additionally, while going through the New Beginnings process, week after week, the conclusion that most, if not all, of our house groups came to is that our church best aligns with a new strategy: “Mission Redefinition”. But what does “Mission Redefinition” look like at NPC?

The Leadership Team met numerous times, seeking an answer to that question. Should something major be done?  Or should a lot of smaller, minor changes be made?  

In a moment of clarity, someone suggested, and we all agreed, that we need to do something major, else we risk falling back into our same ways, onto the same path we’re currently on, and nothing will have been gained.   Conclusion 1:  Implement a bold change for the church.                     

That having been said, in what direction do we move? How do we go about a bold change?  If we implement all of the little suggestions does that count toward a big bold change?   We do not know. 

It became clear that in order to discern where we go from here, we would need additional help and expertise.

Conclusion 2:  Hire a professional consultant and mentor for a finite period of time in order to help us make sense of our results and help the church with a path forward.

Session was asked for permission to hire a consultant.  This approach seeks to brings someone in who has worked with churches in a similar position.  Session supported the consultant idea, which will lead to a refined vision of NPC’s future.  We are now entering what we call Phase 3.

Phase 1 was the house groups.

Phase 2 was the discussion of the results by the Leadership Team.

Phase 3 is taking action on the results based on preliminary work.

Phase 4 will be meeting with the consultant(s).

Phase 5 will be reviewing the recommendations.

Phase 6 will be implementation.

The journey has begun.   Lets walk the road together.

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